If you use assistive technology (such as … The quality policy should build on corporate objectives and values and be appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization. We will always conduct appropriate studies early in the design phase to identify and adjust material, equipment, and processes to ensure the quality of our products. The policy should demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement. This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Each of us is a trusted partner to our customers and we want to The Company operates simple, systemised and transparent processes that drive accountability, productivity and external focus. PDF Size: 2.1 MB Every quality policy must be made with every intention to improve and regulate the quality products and services of a business and not only because it has to comply with ISO 9001. PDF, 56.3KB, 1 page. Quality Policy Statement Page 2 of 2 Quality Policy Statement The company is dedicated to the quality policy that will ensure that its products and services fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times. It defines a future identity for the organization, and should be a source of inspiration. Quality Policy. It declares what you consider 'quality' in your organisation and outlines the processes you have in place to ensure that you meet the agreed standards. QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT At Baker Hughes, a GE company, we invent smarter ways to bring energy to the world. Quality Policy, Mission Statement and Vision Statement. Quality management statement template A quality policy statement is a brief document developed as part of a business' quality management system.

safety, quality, and all applicable regulations. The goal of the company is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. Quality Policy Statement Marshalls aims to be the benchmark trading organisation in the construction products and related industries. OUR FACILITIES Colgate-Palmolive is committed to producing products of the highest quality in all of our manufacturing facilities. 3.

It is owned by the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and sets out our commitment to quality management across all our operations. A vision statement outlines what a company wants to be. We combine our entrepreneurial spirit with original thinking and practical know-how to provide outstanding technologies, services and solutions to our customers.

QUALITY POLICY Purpose and scope This is the quality policy statement for VINCI Construction UK. Our commitment We take our responsibility to manage quality very seriously. A common mistake is to confuse the quality policy with a mission or vision statement. Request an accessible format. Commitment to the implementation The quality policy must be communicated, understood and applied thoughout the oraganisation.