Family branding, therefore, places high demands on quality control because every single item is considered representative of the entire line. Individual branding, also called individual product branding, flanker brands or multibranding, is "a branding strategy in which products are given brand names that are newly created and generally not connected to names of existing brands offered by the company." For example, a company may use one brand to market soap, lotion, hair shampoo, and nail polish.This differs from branding individual products, which involves giving each product its own name and image. Some businesses sell different products or services under different brand names. Promotion of a better quality product may result in credibility gaps among potential buyers.

Meaning of Individual branding. Examples of Umbrella Branding includes … It involves using one brand name to market multiple products. Information and translations of Individual branding in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. What Are the Benefits of Product Umbrella Branding?. General Mills, for example, distributes Cheerios, Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kix, Total, Trix, and more—and that’s just the cereal division. The concept of umbrella branding represents a marketing practice which involves selling many related products under a single brand name.

One of the branding strategies is Umbrella branding, also known as the family branding. For one, individual branding demands a lot of duplication of resources and effort. Definition of Individual branding in the dictionary. This strategy involves establishing the brand as a unique identity that is easily recognizable. So why should companies the size of Unilever and P&G actively seek to keep their names away from the limelight when branding their products? Individual Branding. Others combine their product lines under a single brand name, which is called the umbrella or family brand. What does Individual branding mean? Sometimes a larger company may produce products that carry their own weight independent of the parent company. This is known as Individual Product Branding. A lower quality item may hurt sales of the better quality products. Family branding is a type of marketing tactic.